Thermal Treatment Prep List

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Below is a list of items that may be affected by heat and should be removed. If it
is not possible to remove something that is listed, please let us know before our
scheduled appointment. The idea behind the prep is we are trying to eliminate any areas that could could potentially insulate bugs from the heat treatment

People, and pets, cannot be in the space during the treatment.

• Remove switch plates and outlet covers. Covers need to be left in the heat to be treated.

• Remove all clothing, linens, towels, ect. And wash them in HOT water. This includes items
found in dressers and closets. Next, dry them using the hottest setting on your dryer for at least 45 minutes after items are dried to kill all bugs and eggs. If something cannot be washed in hot water, it should be dry cleaned. Place those items in a tightly sealed bag before taking them to the dry cleaner.

Once your clothing and linens have been washed and dried, seal them in tightly tied clean,
heavy mil bags or put them in plastic containers with tight fitting lids. You may put the clothes
back into place after the treatment. During treatment, these bags must be located in a room not to be heated, perhaps in the bathroom tub, garage or unfinished basement. Any items that might be damaged by heat or potentially insulate bugs (books, papers, dvd cases) can be treated with a product called Nuvan. Nuvan strips are for sale for ($69). There are 12 nuvan strips in each bag, these can be placed in a tightly closed plastic bag for 2 weeks and will kill all bugs. These can be used for a total of 4 weeks. Wear gloves when handling the strips and follow all instructions on label of product.

• Clear clutter from the floors and closets. Hanging clothes are okay as long as they are not
tightly packed together.

If you already have zippered mattress encasements on your mattresses and box springs that have no holes, please leave them on. We require mattress encasements for maximum protection, prevention, and to uphold warranty. The price for boxspring and mattress encasements are $30 for twin/full and $40 for queen/king. Be careful putting these on, it is a 2 person job. Leave them on for a year and do not take off.

Please remove vehicles from driveway the day of treatment and park a few houses up the street as we will need room to back in our unmarked, discreet trailer with equipment. Also turn the heat on high on your thermostat. If you have an alarm, please contact your alarm company and explain you are having a heat treatment done and to disable alarm for the time we are at your home. There is a $149 charge for rescheduling inside of 24 hours or not being prepped.

Please remove the following heat sensitive items from the treatment space:

• Art – including oil paintings, acrylics, clay sculptures, etc…
• Audio and video tapes, Vinyl records
• Cigarette lighters, Aerosol cans, flammable liquids.
• Candles, wax items, cosmetics/make-up that may melt, especially deodorant and lipstick.
• Craft items assembled with glue.
• Fire extinguishers.
• Furniture – antique or with fragile finish or glue points
• Medicines and vitamins
• Musical instruments. Pianos may be covered with a thermal blanket
• Plants
• Soft vinyl items
• Software and printer inks
• Personal items
• Firearms, ammunition etc.
• All food and condiments should be removed or placed in the refrigerator if treating the kitchen
or pantry.
• Unplug computers, televisions, and other electronics. They do not have to be removed from
the treatment area.
• Sweep the area to be treated thoroughly removing all dust. Dust could damage our heaters.
Remove any pesticide powders that you have put down.
• In general, the less stuff you have in the treatment space, the easier it will be to exterminate
the bedbugs.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We do offer a service prepping homes for treatment, call to get more information. The area will be treated to a temperature of more than 125 degrees F. Your full cooperation and adherence to the prep sheet is crucial to the success of the treatment. Any violation of the prep sheet could result in an unsuccessful treatment, or the need for additional treatments. The combination of your cooperation and the treatment program will result in the eradication of bed bugs. I fully understand what is required of me and acknowledge that I have received the Bed Bug Prep Sheet.

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