Roach Prep List

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Preparation For Roach Treatment 

The idea behind the prep work you will be doing is to eliminate all potential food sources for
pests and to ensure their only option is to consume our baits. Proper sanitation is essential to
the success of the treatment.

1. Please do a deep clean of the kitchen and bathrooms and the inside and outside of
the dishwasher. This includes cleaning behind the stove and refrigerator (including all items on top of
the refrigerator). Clean all grease off the stove and clean all countertops.

2. Do not have any clutter in the house. Remove items away from the baseboards.

3. Everything should be removed from kitchen cupboards and cupboards swept clean and
wiped down with cleaner. Areas above and below the sink, drawers, and countertops should be
cleaned. Items may be placed on the kitchen table or on a couch or chair and should be
covered with newspaper or a sheet.

4. Garbage containers should be emptied daily. No open food or dirty dishes.

5. Pet food dishes should be put up during treatment and pet food should be kept in a tightly
sealed container.

6. It may be necessary for you and pets to vacate the property for 4 hours to allow products to

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Jodi C., Columbus OH

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Jodi C., Columbus OH

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Sally B, Columbus OH


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