Bed Bug Chemical Treatment Prep List

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1. Remove all clothing, bed linens, curtains, towels, ect. And wash them in HOT water. This includes items found in dressers and closets. Next, dry them using the hottest setting on your dryer for at least 45 minutes after items are dried to kill all bugs and eggs. If something cannot be washed in hot water, it should be dry cleaned. Place those items in a tightly sealed bag before taking them to the dry cleaner. This doesn’t have to happen before the treatment, but clothes must be bagged up before treatment.

2. Once your clothing and bed linens have been washed and dried, seal them in tightly tied clean, heavy mil bags or put them in plastic containers with tight fitting lids. You must live out of these bags until we determine that the bed bugs have been eradicated. During treatments, these bags must be placed in middle of the room, out of the way.

3. Put shoes, purses, books, papers, dvd cases or other personal items in tightly closed plastic containers or tightly tied heavy mil plastic bags, these items will be treated with a product called Nuvan. Nuvan strips are for sale for ($69). There are 12 nuvan strips in each bag, these can be placed in a tightly closed plastic bag for 2 weeks and will kill all bugs. These can be used twice for a total of 4 weeks. Wear gloves when handling and follow all instructions on label of product.

4. If you already have zippered mattress encasements on your mattresses and box springs that have no holes, please leave them on (the plastic that was on the mattress when new will not work). We require mattress encasements for maximum protection, prevention, and to uphold warranty. The price for boxspring and mattress encasements are $30 for twin/full and $40 for queen/king. Be careful putting these on, it is a 2 person job. Leave them on for a year and do not take off.

5. Remove dresser drawers from the dresser cabinets. Remove all items from nightstands, dressers, end tables, coffee tables and remove drawers. Curtains will need to be taken down and put thru the dryer. Infested blinds will need to be thrown away. Remove all bed linens and put in a bag to be treated (see #1.)

6. Do not place anything on bed, furniture, or dressers as these will need to be treated and moved around.

7. Cut off the dust covers, the thin fabric underneath the box springs and furniture, off the box springs and throw it away, also do this to the furniture.

8. Bunk beds, cribs, and beds that have dresser drawers under frame, will need to be broken down before each treatment to give the exterminator access to each individual piece. These are favorite hiding places for bed bugs.

9. If you plan on throwing away anything or taking up the carpet, please do before 1st treatment.

10. Unplug lamps, tv’s, and other electronic devices. Remove all light switches and electrical outlet covers as we will be treating these areas. After 1st treatment these can be put back on.

11. Vacuum the floors and furniture every day, concentrating on baseboards and other infected areas. Use the attachment to vacuum into furniture cracks and along baseboards. Sprinkle about ¼ to ½ cup of talcum powder or cornstarch on the last section of floor to be vacuumed. This will suffocate the bugs that have been vacuumed up. When you are finished, place the bag or contents of the dust cup in a tightly sealed plastic bag for disposal. Next, put the vacuum in a plastic bag. Vacuuming is recommended every other day.

12. Before treatment, remove birds, fish, and other pets from the rooms to be treated. If the fish cannot be removed, disconnect the air pumps and cover the tanks with plastic sheeting and secure tightly. If you don’t have cages for the animals, please arrange for them to be out of house during treatment and drying time. Caged animals can be placed in kitchen. All persons must be out of house for 4 hours to allow products to dry. All products used are EPA registered and the materials used will not be harmful in any way after they are dried.

13. Remove all clutter from house, including basements and closets.

14. Nothing in the kitchen will need to be prepped. All food will not be harmed or infected.

15. There is a $89 charge if you are not prepped, or if you cancel for any reason inside of 24 hours.

Your full cooperation and adherence to the prep sheet is crucial to the success of the treatment. Any violation of the prep sheet could result in an unsuccessful treatment, or the need for additional treatments. The combination of your cooperation and the treatment program will result in the eradication of bed bugs.

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